Tomorrow is my birthday. The only time I hear from most of the people on Facebook is because it reminds you. It’s an excuse to foster poor relationships and worse communication with people. I HATE Facebook. We’ll see how many people I hear from now. Do yourself a favor, put social media down for a minute and TALK to someone, it won’t hurt I promise. #tomorrowsmybirthday
Deleting my Facebook app off my phone….holy crap that is serious invasion of privacy! Just look at all the crap they want access too! #nomorephonefacebook #invasionofprivacy #instagramfromnowon #twitterrulestoo
Curse your inevitable betrayal #Iwant2breakupbutcant
I will probably delete my Facebook by the end of the week. Last week I read that Facebook could do this and more without my permission and although I was shocked I wasn’t all that motivated to do anything about it but then I went to the Facebook app info on my phone and it is actually true. Yikes I hate this. It’s creepy and a violation of my life. I can’t delete the the app but I can disable it which I did and by Sat I will delete my account. In all reality Instagram probably does the same thing since it’s owned by Facebook but one at a time. It’s too hard to do it all at once. #technologysucks#socialmediasucks
Good bye to Facebook for a while so over it ✌
Yep, I did it.
#likeforlike #humor
So I was just scrolling through my newsfeed… #lol #WTF #shityouseeonfacebook #no #whatiswrongwithhumanity #whatiswrongwithyou #stupid
I guess I was naked? XD hahahhaa #gay #ugh #lol
Well fuck my life.